One Body Image and No City.

I hope you are enjoying The Goldfinch. Our next meeting is just under a month away, so if Theo is out of the desert and back in NYC, then I think you’re at a pretty good pace to finish this lengthy piece in time.  If not, that’s cool too. Maybe your approach to big books is very nonchalant, kinda like my retirement saving strategy: Meh, I’ll start saving when I’m 45.

Anyway, I came across a really good personal essay from a Canadian author whose book is definitely going to be on our next selection list: 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl, by Mona Awad. You can read the essay by clicking here. For further reading, click here to see the poem that inspired it. Wonderful stuff. I can’t wait to read this novel; hopefully, I get to share that experience with you all.

Also, I thought it was super serendipitous when she lists Shakespeare`s A Winter`s Tale as a book that will never leave her side, as I recently discovered another book that would make a great offbeat pick, Jeanette Winterson’s retelling, The Gap of Time.


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