Us Conductors

I’ll comment on the cover now and its contents later:

Book Covers

Us Conductors has quite possibly the most seductive dust jacket that I have ever come across. Its first rate illustrations capture the electricity of the theremin, the magnetism of an object of longing, and the luster of jazz age New York. Its summary, irresistibly inviting, proves to be as overreaching and unconvincing as the unrequited love found in its pages, a place where the provocative becomes lost in the very same ether that the protagonist was once a master of. 


Links below:

Review from the Montréal Review of Books

Review from The Globe and Mail

Interview Studio Q, sans the host that dare not speak its name.

Clara Rockmore’s performance of Saint-Saëns “The Swan”.

Watch, the kung-fu master playing his own invention.


Stick to Scott if you want jazz age romance.

And if you’re interested in the history of the Gulag, then catch what Aleksandr is throwing.

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