Nate P. Read-Alikes

The Deep Whatsis
by Peter Mattei

Just another young pretentious and successful New York male who has access to an even greater world of women and has far, far greater luxury at his fingertips. Eric, who narrates the novel, is an intriguing and entertaining anti-hero, that is ruthless, cold, and surprisingly self-aware, even though he’s downing handfuls of prescription pills daily. Read this if want to take a trip into the paranoiac, philosophical and humourous mind of modern corporate slime.  

How Should a Person Be?
by Sheila Heti

More from the self depraved- albeit a voice that draws more empathy from the reader.This Canadian writer tackles the question “what is proper?”, as she grinds through the struggles of artistic output, or lack there of, and makes a case for the blow-job as being one of the last true art forms.  

 Less Than Zero
by Bret Easton Ellis

Read any of his titles in our collection if you are ever in the mood for provocative stories about contemporary misfits, losers and sociopaths.


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