‘The position is more powerful than the man.


“You’ve done it radio shack. You’ve finally made me care about technology.” Patricia Lockwood on the Pettable AM-FM Portable Radio.

I like to say a little prayer to remain open-minded throughout the reading, viewing, or listening to anything or anyone described as “edgy.” Thank the lawd, as my prayers were eventually answered when the author’s prose resurrected itself from long scriptures of deadpan and at times, forced wit. 

For me, this was achieved through the scorching verses that confront the Catholic Church, men of power, and the unshakeable perspective of mid-west pro-life advocates. These are challenging topics to write about, let alone live through, which is why I commend Ms. Lockwood for tactfully navigating the euphemisms, secret language, scraps of information, and general shielding of any opposition to these matters, and all the while still maintaining her love and respect for her parents.  

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