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At the outset of this novel, I quickly sensed that the author had created an immersive world supported by what was for me, very real detail. From practical denim choices that alleviate the worries of a stained appearance to the precise naming of the flora and fauna that surrounds the protagonist Turtle Alveston’s feral existence, I felt that I was being shown all parts of this character’s inner and outer world. The violence and misogyny that pulls no punches. The contention of a young girl in finding her identity against what other people see her to be. The inner workings of a person whose self-loathing is jarring and whose greatest act of self-care is the maintaining of knives and guns, guns, guns. These examples of exactness almost defined Julia, Turtle, Sweet Pea, and most of all, Kibble. As a reader, they created the conditions to reveal challenging perspectives of a person, which is significant to my enjoyment of books and a big reason why a novel like My Absolute Darling will stay with me.

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